viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012


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ConvoyRunners: First person, Shooter defence.
( We strongly recommend, watch the video on our website )

ConvoyRunners: takes the captivating gameplay, in a hill, on a real, strategic shooter position.
Enemies crosses the valley, and you have to defend that position.

Use all the weapons you have obtained ....
But no one has to reach the base, this is your mission.

You have to eliminate every column of soldiers... or who knows, a large convoy crossing the field, supported by enemy air force, with Mustangs P40 airplanes, helicopters UH60, F14 tomcat, and much more enemies.

Is the most immersive and impresive, war Shooter gameplay.
On a greatest defence strategy, with weapons, to discover,
and use, Surface-to-air missiles.

- First person, Shooter defence.
- 50 convoy defence levels.
- New strategies on each round.
- Ground-to-Ground weapons, M60 MachineGun, grenades, ZU23 canon
- Ground-to-air weapons, guided missiles.
- Real world distance in 3D environment.
- Regular free updates.


We strongly recommend, watch the video on our website. 
or youtube.